Praymedi Braclets

Hello all! I’ve been busy, busy, busy….with bracelets that is.

What Is a Praymedi Bracelet?

These stretch bracelets can be used for meditation or prayer.

For Meditation

For anyone who meditates, staying focused can be a challenge especially for beginners. A mediation bracelet allows you to focus on your breathing while keeping your mind clear.

1: Hold the beads between thumb and middle finger.

2: Move the beads with your thumb, inhaling between beads, exhaling when your thumb lands on the next bead.


For Prayer

When we pray to the Almighty Father, our thoughts and love are focused inwards to the Lord. A prayer bracelet helps to retain your focus in your heart when praying to the lord.

  1. Hold bracelet between thumb and middle finger
  2. Start with the Lords Prayer with the head bead.
  3. Move the beads using your thumb.
  4. Each bead between the head bead and the charm is a reminder to tell the Lord everything you are thankful and grateful for.
  5. Each bead after the charm, once the ‘thanks’ are done, is for praying for others such as world peace, ending world hunger,  your auntie Flo who is sick, asking the Lord to help you spiritually grow and develop inner strength, kindness towards others, balance, etc.


The Design Process

Each bracelet is one of a kind, each with its own personality. For the time being, no two bracelets are alike. My favorite medium for beads are glass and semi-precious such as Jasper, Onyx, Shell, etc

When designing, I allow the feeling speak for itself when choosing the pieces: casual, modern, sporty, bold, classic, whimsical, girly, summer, etc.

I purchased new semi-precious beads in green, light orange, coral pink, amethyst purple, and brilliant blue turquoise. I have new silver and silver plated spacer’s as well and antique brass ‘love’ charms. I can’t wait to discover how each new piece turns out.


A few Bracelets

I’ve uploaded the  below pictures, with descriptions to Google. Click here to learn all about them. (The photo quality isn’t stellar because I took the photos with my cell phone).


I will be designing more and will upload each item, (new and the ones you see above) once I’ve completed setting up an e-commerce store or something similar. The set cost, regardless of materials, will be $13.00.

I’d love to hear your comments on these. Which do you love the most? Which one is the least favorite?

If you prefer to contact me directly rather than leave a comment, please fill out the form below.



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