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What does the Bible say about Grumbling?

I feel like we all need a reminder about grumbling. I know it’s been a challenging past 12 months to say the least, but still…….. Please see below on what the good book says about grumbling and remember, let’s not spread negativity and violance in any form. That is not the work of God. Instead, […]

Watch “Should A Christian Wear Jewelry Or Not?”

The internet has plenty of opinions about Christians wearing jewelry. Interestingly enough, I find that most of them are reading one small excerpt of the Bible and not taking in the full context of the message. This is one of my pet peeves. LOL I found this video and he has interesting feedback on the […]

That Rainbow Connection

Sending you a hug from Kermit the Frog. I am a dreamer and this song always brightened my day when I received negative comments, remarks or actions from others which weighed me down and eventually made me feel that there is something wrong with me. It wasn’t until I was older and learned more about […]


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Hi, I am MJ. I was ordained in August 2013 .I hope to inspire you to follow through on what Jesus mentions in John 15 acts 9-12.  Join me to follow his desire to show love for one another.

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