Kindness Lifted a Man’s Spirit when he was at rock bottom

One Small Gesture lifted a man out of his depression at the kindness of a stranger

By: Spiritual Love Warrior

My last blog post spoke about Kindness and Compassion. Read the post here I would like to share with you how powerful  this simple gesture can be. I was in tears over the beauty  of this story. Everyone needs to know they are loved. Dan, the grumpy old man didn’t feel loved, that is until one fateful day grocery shopping.

Two strangers are shopping in a grocery store. Dan had just lost his wife went shopping at a grocery store and this four-year-old girl insisted on talking to him. She greeted him and said hey old person today is my fourth birthday, and that led to a special bond that they still have today. She has adopted him as her grandfather.

Watch the video below on how one small child’s act of kindness and compassion saved Dan who was in a very deep depression. He didn’t know what he was living for, that is until his spirit was lifted, his depression ended, and he finds joy every day.  Nora and Dan share a special bond which Dan says is an act of God. Watch below and you decide.

Your homework: Talk to a stranger and start up a conversation about anything simple. You never know how this one small act can positively affect another.



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