Don’t keep track of the Kindness You Give

Remember the kindness given to you

Treating others as you would want to be treated is a basic teaching of Christ Jesus. We are not to keep track of all the kindness we’ve given others, but rather we areĀ  to keep track of the kindness others have provided us.

Watch this emotional true story of one man’s kindness. Being kind to others is second nature to this man who never asked for anything in return. One day he fell sick and while in the Hospital, his daughter didn’t have the funds to pay his medical bills. She put up their family business for sale, hoping the money will pay for the medical expenses. She will come to know how her father inspired another on kindness to others in an unexpected way.

Grab a tissue and watch the true story below on how one man inspired another in an emotional lesson of kindness.

Your Homework:

Think back to the kindness others have given you. Could you do something for them in return?


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