The Lord took care of me today

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited that I had to post this. I lost my heat last year. My central heat and air conditioning unit is a Trane from 1985 and it stopped working last winter. I made it through last season with a space heater and blankets. My issue us that I don’t qualify for a loan to purchase a new one.

I prayed to the Lord for assistance and guidance, which led me to have an HVAC electrician come out and look at my unit.

I had two leaks, no refrigerant, and a broken thermostadt. That means no heat or cool air. He fixed my thermostadt, tightened a loose wire and lug nut and it works! He put in 100 pounds of refrigerant to test for the leak and wouldn’t charge me for the rest that remains. One more trip out to fill the remainder of the refrigerant and the repair job is completely done.

Total cost with a refill is about $1040.00👍😃😇. Thats 1/3 the cost I was anticipating, of which I do not have.

I was very worried, but the Lord answered my prayer. He takes good care of me. 😇. This HVAC Electrician did what he could to get me heat within my price range. Bless him Lord, for going the extra mile.

The lesson? If you have faith in the Lord and ask for guidance and help, he is there for you. He is my hero.❤


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