Fruits of the Spirit – Faithfulness

We may not see the oxygen in the air, but we have faith it is there. We place trust in its existence as we go about our daily lives. In the book of John, we learn about Christ as the Son of God (Christ as a deity). To understand Faithfulness, we need to examine and understand where the seed of Faithfulness springs from.

Last Supper photo lastsupper.jpg

The Last Supper

During the Last Supper of Jesus and his Apostles, Christ knows he is to be crucified. In in John 13:33 when he says to them:

Little Children, I shall be with you a little while longer. You will seek Me, and as I said to the Jews, “Where I am going, you cannot come.” 

This is where the Faithfulness begins. You can imagine the impact this had on the Apostles hearts. Why couldn’t they follow him? They didn’t understand. Simon Peter  asks Jesus, “Where are you going?” Christ responds:

Where I am going, you cannot follow Me now, but you shall follow me Afterward

John 13:36

The conversation continues while Jesus reminds them that he will manifest himself to those those who love him and keeps his commandments. If he is not here in body, how can he is not in the mortal world? The answer is through faith!  By following the Almighty’s word and loving him, Christ dwells within our hearts through the Holy Spirit. We have faith that he is with us.


We have faith that Christ is with us in our hearts and trust he is always there for us.  In turn, he has faith that we will follow his commandments in how we act towards others. Christ shows faith towards us as a prime example of Faithfulness.

  • He has faith that we will love our neighbors as he loves us
  • He has faith that we who love him, will keep his commandments
  • He has faith that we will give thanks for all he does for us
  • He has faith that we (his followers) will love him with all our heart, mind and soul
  • He has faith that we will forgive those who hurt and betray us, as he has forgiven us
  • He has faith that the gifts we are given are utilized for good, allowing us to shine and Glorify him through our actions
  • He has faith that we will will not sin
  • He has faith that we are charitable towards others. Helping others can be done in many ways
  • He has faith that we know he loves us and has our best interests in mind.

In Summary

As Christians, we believe in God and know he has our best interests at heart. We have faith in him even during troubled times. There have been times in my life when bad things happened whether from Satan or circumstance, but I had faith that the Lord was there for me. I knew there was a lesson to be learned, a spiritual growth to be had, or an opportunity to show him  my steadfast faith and love for him. It was after those experiences when my troubled heart calmed that I realized and understood.  I became smarter and stronger both spiritually and emotionally.

How do you show your faithfulness?  Do you have a story which shows an example of faithfulness? Share in the comments below, I’ve love to hear it. 

Have a blessed day my brothers and sisters in Christ. I love you all.


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