A Minister’s Dedication by Charles S. Medbury

The below dedication is for Ministers, but the concept can be applied to everyone. In the Spirit of the birth of Christ, we celebrate the day through gift giving and spending quality time with family and friends.

Why do we wait until Christmas to bring out the best in us? Why can’t we embody the below concepts year round?

After 9/11, I remember noticing the people around me. They embodied the below dedication in the aftermath of tragic events. I was touched to see it, and thought the Almighty Father would be pleased. During Christmas, if you can move past the stress and grumbling of the holiday, our hearts embody the below as we gather with family and friends.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I am not perfect, nor do I claim to be, but I try to embody the basic principle year round, as its the concept of the teachings in the Bible. I stumble and fall like many, but I pick myself up and try again.

Merry CHRISTmas everyone, and I hope you all have a blessed Holiday.


A Minister’s Dedication


To this day that is mine, my country’s, and my God’s, I dedicate my all. My talents, every one, shall be held subject to the sight draft to the emergencies of others. I will enlarge my soul by cultivating love for those from whom I find myself recoiling. No man shall ever feel his color or his caste in my presence, for within my heart of hearts shall be no consciousness of it.

The man who has fallen shall find me a friend, the woman down, a helper. But more than this, those falling shall have my trust that they may stand again. The cry of every child shall find my heart whether cry of need or of aspiration. Not one of all the “little ones” shall be despised. Cherishing every life whatever land or race and mindful of hidden struggles in all things I will strive to help and serve.

No word shall ever pass my lips that hurts another in things of face, form, station, or estate. My own weaknesses, my foibles, an my sins shall chasten speech and deny my pride. My life shall be a dedicated thing. I shall count it desecration to pervert it.  The vandal hands of lust and hate and greed shall not be permitted to despoil.

And thus I resolve, not because I am good, but that I want to be; not because I am strong, but that I feel weakness; not that I feel above others, but with all my soul I long to be of humankind, both helped and helper. So do I dedicate my days. So do I set apart my culture. So do I receive but give to others. So do I press humbly into the presence of the sacrificial Son of Man, crying out in eager consecration, “Let me follow Thee, Master,” wherever the world still needs ministry, wherever life is still to be given for many.

Help me, Thou whose manger cradle brought democracy to light, to meet in my own worth, democracy’s final test and to my own great day be true.



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