What if… “Independence Day Movie CLIP – The President’s Speech (1996)

I am watching Independance Day and Bill Pullman is giving a speech right before the last attempt to save humans from alien annihilation.

As a writer, I love this speech for the powerful content and emotional pull. This is proof that the pen is mightier than the sword.

This has me thinking..

What if… Aliens arrived to annihilate us.

During Covid, the protests, racial profiling, racism, injustice, and hate:

Would we get over our petty differences?

Would we ban together as bretheren?

Would this finally end the ugliness in peoples hearts? 💕

What would it take? God is the architect, and we are the builders. What world do you want to build? God is color blind, where he does not see mankind as we do by looking at a person on the outside. No, he sees what is in a person’s heart.

Think about this and make conscious choices to help mankind end the ugliness.


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