Working Remotely During COVID and what it’s taught me about my faith in God

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Never fear! God is with us! #SundayInspo - The Salvation Army of Northern  California | Facebook

Every day during C.O.V.I.D., people around the globe are getting by, wondering when life will return to normal. Some are calling it the ‘new’ normal. I don’t want to get caught up in the whirlwind of labeling current events to help me cope.

The riots and protests, election day violence concerns, the virus, the prophetic visions claims, unemployment, merchandise truck drivers shortage, civil war concerns, the weather storms, fires…. and on, and on, and on.

Some people even feel that we are in the End of Days and are creating blog posts and video’s urging us to repent from sin before it is too late. Pastors such as Paul Begley and Irvin Baxter feel we are in the Last Days as well .

The internet can be a wonderful but damaging information network and we are blasted by information good and bad every day. Being confined to our homes to end C.O.V.I.D allows us more time to surf the web, only to be onslaught with all this. With all this, who can’t be wondering if it’s true?

The Book of Revelations outlines everything we need to know when Jesus will return. The Seven Seals the Seven letters to the Churches (and lessons to learn), the Seven Trumpets, the Seven Angels with Seven Plagues, the Seven Bowls of God’s Wrath…. everything is outlined for us like an opera playbook.

I myself was wondering if we are in the last seven years. (Have you noticed yet? The Book Of Revelations is filled with 7’s? Read this blog entry which outlines all the 7’s in the Book of Revelation). Sorry, I was sidetracked for a moment, but I am back. My emotions and thoughts have progressed over the last 7 months since the virus arrives. Hey, there’s another 7! Seriously, it’s been 7 months since mid-March when the planet was confined to our homes.

My emotions, actions, and thoughts over the past seven months have changed because I took action. It reminded me, rather taught me, to never lose sight of the Lord.

The list below is a short synopsis of my journey since Mid-march.

  • Concern at the sudden severity of the virus
  • Slight fear at being able to obtain what I need
  • Worry about the shortage and increased cost of food and toiletry items
  • Cried at the onslaught of death and violence covering the media. How can there be so much hatred?
  • Focused on working remotely and turned off the news. Watched the 700 Club for a month while I worked at home, to turn my thoughts to the Lord.
  • The realization of over 200,000 deaths in the US alone due to C.O.V.I.D. hits home and I become more of a hermit than I was before. Must do my part to end this virus. Felt loss of drive to blog, post on social media, and sell my hand-crafted Christian Jewelry Focused on my busy workday.
  • Worry and concern came to a minor trickle because I kept reminding myself all this time that the Lord has always taken good care of me. I became aware that I barely felt any worry over my wellbeing at some point.
  • Eddie Van Halen died (I loved his smile). This gave me an epiphany of where I am now. I have no fear of what is to come.

This brings me to my current thoughts

If we are in the final days, I have no fear. I have mentioned this several times in this and past blog posts, that I know the Lord has plans for me, and he knows I do my best to do right by him. He is my guiding star, and whatever he has laid out for before me, it is because he loves me. He calms my heart, lifts me up, and helps me grow. The Lords love will carry me through any storm.

The Lords love will carry me through any storm. ~ Spiritual Love Warrior

He loves you too and want’s the best for you. If you have your own concerns or worries, just remember, Jesus loves you. Open the bible and as you read, think about how it pertains to you. This is the best advice I can give, because reflecting on the bible and how it relates to you personally is the key to growing spiritually when you apply the newfound knowledge in your life.

God Loves Us, No Matter What - Sewickley Presbyterian

Have a blessed day my brothers and sisters in Christ. I love you all. What are you doing to work through this? Please share in the comments below.


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