Spiritual Warriors Creed

Spiritual Warriors Creed by R Androsoff

I  found this creed a few years  back, and the message Ryan decrees is beautiful. For many spiritual warriors, we believe in this.

Read the below creed and spend  time thinking 💭 about what you can do in order to make this world  🌎 a better place.

I am a Spiritual Warrior.

Love is my only sword, Faith my only shield.

Truth my only map, Wisdom my only commander.
I stand for all that is good, I protect the light.

I reject all that is evil, I conquer the darkness.

My wars are not fought on the battlefield.

Wherever there is ignorance, hatred, suffering or fear I wage war.

Wars not fought with bombs and bullets.

Wars where blood is not spilt or lives destroyed.

Wars fought only with truth and light.

Wars where evil is conquered and darkness destroyed.

I fight for no country or army. No leader, money or power.

I fight for the spirit of creation.

I fight to clear the way so it’s love and goodness may once again embrace all creation.

I do all this selflessly and with humility.

I cleanse my body, temple of the creative force.

I live in harmony with all things.

I resist temptation and embrace enlightenment.

I vigilantly toil to gain knowledge and wisdom.

And above all I stand firm as a beacon in the night, for all mankind to follow.

I am a Spiritual Warrior ~ Ryan Androsoff

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