How Pride Can Hurt Others


Pride. I’m not talking about self esteem, or self confidence. I’m referring to the type of pride of feelings of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, therefore listening and collaboration shut down.

There will be times when you feel your actions or opinions differ from another’s. What if you don’t agree and stop listening because of it? Or someone does it to you? That is pride.

It’s preventing you from getting to know the other person. It’s preventing you from learning another way of thinking. It’s preventing you from admitting you’re wrong, or need help.

The above proverb states that God sees what’s in our hearts ♥️. He doesn’t examine our pride, or whose right and whose wrong.

This is a great practice when a disagreement comes up. Put your pride away and look with your heart.

Stop the hurtful comments spoken from self-righteous pride. This accomplishes nothing but creating a rift.

If everyone stops letting pride rule  our hearts, world peace might be possible.

Read Proverbs  1:5, 13:20, and 21:12.

Read Romans 12:3 and 12:16

Read 1 Corinthians 13:4

When you’re done with these six short entries, think 💭 of your own experiences when pride stepped in. How could it have changed for the better if pride was ignored?




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