I Dreamt of Angels Decending from the Clouds

I had a dream of Jesus flying with his Angels

Right before I woke this morning I had a dream about Angels flying down from the clouds with Jesus. Below is the dream, it was less than a minute, but I’d like to hear your thoughts.

My Dream

I’m sitting at the top of some cement steps with white roman columns, and although I couldn’t see it, there was a roof over my head and an entrance to a building behind me. As I look out at the scene in front of me, there are a few buildings on the left and right. The buildings were made from the same white stone and slightly covered in dust blown from the earth. The earth is covered in dirt with no sign of grass anywhere. It wasn’t a town exactly as there were no people outside, but I knew they were around somewhere.

I’m not doing anything, just sitting and enjoying the view. Above me in the distance, I see three large birds circling the sky. Curious, I picked up a pair of binoculars, (don’t know where they came from) to see what kind of birds they were. Eagles or Hawks maybe? To my surprise, it was three angels with white wings and robes. I knew they were talking as they circled pretty fast. Suddenly, as if a decision was made, they swooped down towards where I sat.

As they closed the distance between us, I waved at them, greeting them with “Hello there!” I continued to wave at them, smiling and waving. Neat I thought. I always wanted to see an Angel.

The first angel had brown hair to his shoulders and he wasn’t carrying anything. The second angel didn’t catch my attention so much, but I knew he was carrying a short item in his left hand. It appeared to be twelve inches in length and cylinder in shape. The third angel was burly with short wavy hair and holding the same cylinder object. All three had pure white robes and matching wings. Only the first angel paid me attention, and was emanating a friendly feeling. The other two Angels gave me a feeling they were determined, focused, on a mission.

I continued to smile and wave saying “Hello” as they started towards the side of the building.

The first angel smiled at me. I said to him, “Hello there. If you see Jesus, tell him to have a blessed day and that I love him.” The third angel gave out a grunt of sorts.

These three started to dissapear from my sight at the building to my right. The first Angel came back a moment to look me in the eyes and smile before he joined the other two Angels. Of course this whole time I continued to smile and wave at these three saying ‘hello’ and ‘hi there’.

Once they were out of my sight, I turned my attention to the scene in front of me, looking at the beautiful fluffy clouds with hues of pink and orange. The day was pleasant and warm with the sun behind them. I loved looking at clouds as the day sets. The colors are beautiful. Suddenly, I see a group of birds coming down from the clouds. I picked up my binoculars again and I discover it wasn’t birds, but Jesus and a large group of Angels flying down from the clouds towards some unknown destination on my right.

Jesus looked like the image below.

The Angels were like the first three, with white wings and pure white robes. Jesus and his Angels had the same look, giving me the impression they were determined, focused, and on a mission. Jesus was not holding anything, but even though the Angels were far off in the distance, some held objects, yet most weren’t holding anything. Unfortunately they were too far off to make out any details.

This is when I woke up. I thought nothing of it, no feelings of enlightenment as I rolled over to sleep some more.

If this was your dream, what would your first thoughts be?

May peace be with you.


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