Spiritual or Religious? What are you?

I attended a Natural Living Expo yesterday and attended some work shop’s.

In a workshop about Spiritual Purpose, the presenter, Rhys Thomas took a poll by asking us to raise our hands.

This book is what Rhys was talking about and the contents within.

Q: Who here considers themselves religious?

A: A select few of us raised our hands. It was less than 10 people.

Q: Who here considers themselves Spiritual?

A: Me and most of the room raised our hands. The woman next to me joked to me about being in two categories and how she didn’t think that’s how it worked.

I consider myself both because I grew up attending a Catholic church, Sunday School, and Bible Study to learn about God. When I became and adult, I stepped away from the Catholic Church and moved towards Spirituality. I felt confined with the religious beliefs of the Catholic Church.

I wanted to learn more about who I was and how I was connected to our Lord and Savior. I had so many questions.

My initial questions were simple. What makes my Soul truly happy? What can I do to serve the Lord through my Spiritual Purpose? From there, my questions grew with the more I learned.

I may have stopped attending church every Sunday, but it will always be a part of me. To me, the Church is like a hospital for the weary soul, and those who want to learn about God. I attend Church every now and again when my soul feels weary, but at a different Christian denomination.

My cellphone is the black rectangular reflection in the center but this is a Polaroid of my Aura. It looks like a rainbow with white at my crown.

What about you? Do you consider yourself Spiritual, Religious, or Both?


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