A.I. Generated Image of Jesus

Hello all! -Where the dickens have I been hiding?

Sorry I haven’t created content for you. To be honest, I’ve been hiding in my home working and pretty much staying out of the heat. Okay, confession time. I murdered a fly which snuck in my house and it hovered around me as if I don’t shower. There is another one which I have been trying to smoosh or spray, but it’s been allusive as if imbibed with superpowers. Here’s a tip for you, don’t use perfume to kill one. It stinks up the house and doesn’t work. For a full day I had memories of my great aunts and the powerful aroma of purfume which lingered in a room long after they departed. (I now have pet friendly indoor spray which works). I have a 17 year old cat and finding little white worms in his catfood because of said flies is really disgusting! I tossed his food bowl in the trash and he has a new one. (I was that grossed out). Yes, I murdered and plan on doing it again, but my fur baby and I can’t tolerate the unwelcomed ‘guest’.

Online news articles seem to be covered with deaths, Covid, Monkey Pox, law breaking, meteors passing by our planet and more negative content. So, what do I do? I turn to creativity. Creating art or walking in nature helps me feel closer to the Lord. Since it’s too hot to go walking outside, I created some art. What do you do to feel closer to the Lord?

Confession over, I am on vacation and dittling away at various crafts. I found an A.I. bot which creates images based on what I type in. I decided to create a gift to everyone.

Feel free to use these for anything. All I ask is you give credit to this website.

Have a great day my brothers and sisters in Christ. Stay cool!


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