New Art and Journey Of Souls review

My new Art

Hello my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I have created more art to share with you all. As always, feel free to save these for your own personal use. (not for resale).

Dreaming Collection

I created the Dreaming collection to display on my bedroom walls. I was inspired after considering how in dreams, anything is possible. When we dream, we have the ability to conjure beautiful imagry and settings. I used Canva to create a 4 picture collage, then printed them out on glossy photo paper.

I can’t wait to frame and hang them!

Ascending to Heaven Collection

My mother and I met for lunch last week for my birthday. Although she has a young appearance, I forgot that she will be 81 years old this year and she is definately not as youthful as her appearance. I cherish every moment, conversation and memory of her. The thought of the day she travels ‘home’ inspired me to create these two images.

Dreaming of Heaven Collection

I am currently listening to an audio book: Journey of Souls by Michael Newton PH.D. I am enjoying it so much that I purchased the book on Amazon (see below) and it inspired me to create this collection. I recommend this book to read or listen to, as it may offer insights for you.

This book is fascinating and elicits thoughts on my own life, the choices I make, why certain challenging events may occur, what aspects of my true spiritual personality has carried in this earthly life, and what can I learn and improve on in this incarnation.

The first portion of the book covers what we experience when we leave earth school and ascend to Heaven. From the interviews, they all coincide with the NDE experiences posted on YouTube.

The other sections of the book covers schooling, our teachers, our groups, spirit levels, soul colors and more. I am almost done listening to it and to be honest, I can’t wait to learn what my name is in Heaven, who and what is the name of my guide, and who are in my group.

I hope you enjoy the above gifts and have a blessed day my brothers and sisters in Christ. Please comment below on your thoughts for the above images.


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