Suicide is Never the Answer

There is a new and shorter phone number for National Suicide Prevention

Lifeline ( has a shorter phone number which is easier to remember when a mental health crisis arises.

The 988 Lifeline

988 is now active across the United States. This new, shorter phone number will make it easier for people to remember and access mental health crisis services. (Please note, the previous 1-800-273- TALK (8255) number will continue to function indefinitely.) Click below to learn more about 988.

Inspirational Video

A long time ago, I made the below video on Evertoon, hoping that someone will see it, when they need to when contemplating suicide. Jesus is always there for us in a time of such crisis and listens to us in our time of need.

If you know someone who may be struggling, please understand that it can be challenging, and a seemingly impossible task to rise above the darkness threatening to crush us. Remember, it is NOT impossible. How do I know? I’ve been there many, many, many years ago. I prayed to the Almighty Lord about what I was feeling and why. I prayed for his help because I didn’t want to feel like that any more and wasn’t sure how long I could live in the dark, depressed state. Immediately after I cried out for him, instantly a thought came to my mind: Call your mother.

I called her and cried, pouring out all that was in my heart and asked for help. I told her I needed her. She was there for me, and even mailed me copied pages of bible excerpts to read, reminding me I am not alone. I have her and God. That was what worked for me. That is the tool God used to help lift me up into the light. To this day, I will always cherish the love given to me, which was so strong, it carried me up.

In the Arms of an Angel

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